Dr. Jason Von Meding


Dr. Von Meding’s research background includes an expertise in decision-making processes and predictive tools for modelling human behaviour and environments. He has engaged extensively with the humanitarian sector and within developing country contexts, supervising several current doctoral projects in disaster management and post-disaster reconstruction. He has been awarded over $3 million AUD in competitive research funding and has published over 50 peer-reviewed papers in the area of disaster resilience as well as mainstream construction and project management. He is coordinator of CIB W120 Disasters and the Built Environment, a collective of his research peers, and engages in external humanitarian consultancy.


PhD Disaster Management (Queen’s University Belfast, UK) Bachelor of Architecture (Queen’s University Belfast, UK), Bachelor of Science (hons) Architecture (Queen’s University Belfast, UK).

Research Expertise

Post-Disaster Reconstruction, International Construction, Resilient Infrastructure, Sustainable Community Development, Disaster Response, Organisational Behaviour, System Modelling.

Selected Publications

  • Von Meding, J., Oyedele, L. and Bruen, J. (2014), Linking Organisational Competency to Project Success in Post-Disaster Reconstruction, Open House International, SPECIAL ISSUE on Post-Disaster Housing Reconstruction, 39(3), pp 09-18
  • Von Meding, J., Mackee, J. and Gajendran, T. (2013), Editorial: Built Environment Perspectives on Post-Disaster Reconstruction, International Journal of Architectural Research, 7(3), pp. 08-13
  • Von Meding, J., Oyedele, L., Cleland, D.J., McGrath, R. and Bruen, J. (2012), A Competence-Based Post-Disaster Reconstruction Process, The International Journal of the Constructed Environment, 2(1), pp 51-66
  • Von Meding, J. (2012), Emergency Management in Developed Countries: An Investigation of Hazard Risk, Vulnerability and Government Response in the UK and USA, Journal of Disaster Advances, 5(4), pp 921-927
  • Von Meding, J., Oyedele, L. and Cleland, D.J. (2011), Mapping NGO Competency to Reduce Human Vulnerability in Post-disaster Communities: Comparing Strategies in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, The International Journal of the Humanities, 8(11), pp 119-138
  • Von Meding, J., Oyedele, L. and Cleland, D.J. (2009), Developing NGO competencies in post-disaster reconstruction: a theoretical framework, Journal of Disaster Advances, 2(3), pp 36-45