Dr. Sittimont Kanjanabootra


Dr Kanjanabootra practiced as a design engineer in the construction industry prior to completing his PhD on engineering business process modelling in 2011, and has worked in the Australian Sustainable Built Environment National Research Centre, as CI for a major project ($288,000) for industry and state governments on the economic value in construction. He researches on improving efficiency and cost effectiveness in construction practices dealing with different scenarios in construction in Australia, Vietnam and Thailand. He is an early career academic and has been awarded OLT Seed funding in round 2 2015 in Modelling Disaster Resilience: Enhancing student learning through trans-disciplinary simulation of wicked scenarios (RES-SIM) project.


PhD (RMIT) MS (MechTech) BS (MechTech) (KMITNB)

Research Expertise

Off-site manufacturing (Prefabrication), the use of ontology in construction process, Knowledge engineering, Business process modelling and Process mining, Application of Genetic Algorithms in construction process, Business strategic management.

Selected Publications

  • Kanjanabootra S. Corbitt, B. “Reproducing Knowledge In Construction Expertise – reflexive critical theory” Special issue on “theorizing expertise in construction” in Construction Management and Economics
  • Kanjanabootra, S. 2015 “Who’s on the other side of the table? Power perceptions in construction projects – Thai case studies.” Engineering Project Organization Journal (EPOJ) Volume 5, Issue 2-3
  • Luu, C. Von Meding, J. Kanjanabootra, S. “Achieving disaster resilience in Vietnam’s hydropower industry: A strategic investment solution” International Journal of Disaster Resilience in the Built Environment
  • Matschullat, J. Kanjanabootra, S. et al. 2015 An Interhemispheric Perspective on Environment and Energy International Journal of Performability Engineering, Vol. 11, No. 6, November 2015, pp. 521-536.
  • Kanjanabootra, S, Corbitt, B & Nicholls, M 2013, ‘Evaluating knowledge management systems efficacy and effectiveness in a design science context’, Journal of Systems and Information Technology, vol. 15, no. 4, pp. 324-46
  • Kanjanabootra, S Corbitt, B and Nicholls, M 2010 Addressing knowledge capture issues for business continuity, International Conference on Qualitative Research, QUAL IT, Brisbane, Nov, 2010.
  • Kanjanabootra, S Corbitt, B and Nicholls, M. 2011 Capture, analyse and decide: using knowledge management as a strategic tool in refrigeration product design, 19th European Conference on Information Systems, Helsinki, Finland, June, 2011
  • Kanjanabootra, S Wynn, M Ouyang, C Kenley, R Harfield, T. 2012 Re-use of domain knowledge to provide confidence for adoption of off-site manufacturing for construction in Australia. RICS COBRA conference. Las Vegas, USA, September 2012
  • Kanjanabootra, S. Kenley, R. Harfield, T. 2012 Greening Australian construction procurement: stakeholder development of an off- site Manufacture adoption tool. IADIS International Conference on Sustainability, Technology and Education 2012, Perth